Hospital officials in Edmonton are apologizing after an elderly dementia patient was transferred to a hospital outside of the city without the consent or knowledge of his legal guardian.

Yvan Roy, 74, has a neurological disease, cannot walk and is often disoriented, said his guardian Bev Williamson.

Williamson cares for Roy, a family friend she refers to as 'uncle.'

"My mom, when she was dying, she said to me, 'Make sure you look after Yvan,'" she said.

Roy was staying in the Grey Nuns Hospital, but when Williamson called the hospital Wednesday afternoon, she was told he was being transferred to a bed at the Westview Health Centre in Stony Plain, west of Edmonton.

But when Williamson called the Stony Plain hospital, Roy was not there.

Williamson said she grew worried and called other hospitals in the city, eventually calling the police.

Two hours later the Westview Health Centre called Williamson to say Roy had arrived.

John Popowich of Covenant Health, which runs the Grey Nuns Hospital, apologized for the poor communication.

"I"m sorry that they've experienced this kind of care in our facility," he said. "This is a situation where things happen very fast and we need to learn from those situations."

Popowich said a review is underway.