While many Edmontonians will be spending the coming week feasting with friends and family, the holidays can be a very isolating time for others in the community.

This is particularly true for homeless Edmontonians, says Hope Mission spokesperson Devin Komarniski.

This year, the shelter has been serving up a series of holiday banquets to homeless people in the city.

Saturday’s lunch was the fourth and final meal for the season.

“We’re serving a beautiful turkey dinner to 300 of our guests,” said Komarniski.

Gordon Currie

Calling the meal "fantastic," guest Gordon Currie said he's proud and fortunate to be involved with Hope Mission's programming. (Scott Neufeld/CBC)

The home style turkey dinners help give the guests a place that feels like a home, and recreate a family feeling “where [guests] are comfortable, where people understand and relate,” said Komarniski.

Calling the dinner “super,” Gordon Currie enjoyed the food and the friends at the dinner.

He said he was proud and fortunate to be part of Hope Mission’s program.

“You know, I mean the fellowship of everybody in the community it’s just fantastic.”

Komarniski said it costs just $2.70 to provide a hot meal for a person in need.

And while this season’s turkey dinners are now done with, he said the shelter can always use help in the form of a donation or volunteer.