The organization that reviews questionable advertising in Canada has no plans to investigate controversial ads that were pulled from Edmonton transit buses this week.

The ads, paid for by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, claim to offer help for Muslim girls threatened with so-called "honour killings."

Since the ads have been removed, Janet Feasby, vice-president of Advertising Standards Canada, says there is little her group can do.

“The remedy under our code, if an ad is found to violate the code, is to have the ads, have the advertiser to remove the advertising,” she said.

ETS Honour Killings

"Is Your Family Threatening You? Is There a Fatwa on Your Head?" reads the ad, which is part of a Canada-wide campaign by the American Freedom Defense Initiative. (Courtesy: Pamela Geller)

“Given that this is the case, already done, there is no remedy available.”

However, Feasby said the ASC would get involved if the ads were put back up.

The city is planning to review how the ad got approved in the first place..

City spokesman Graeme McElheran said that Edmonton Transit reviews all ads, but in this case, there was a miscommunication between the city and Pattison Outdoor Advertising, the company that sold the advertising space. 

He said the ads will not appear again on city property. 

Pattison Outdoor has not responded to the CBC's request for an interview.