Homicide detectives are investigating after a man's body was found Sunday on the city's south side.

The body was discovered outside in the area of 65th Avenue and 100th Street around 5 p.m., police said.

Insp. Keith Johnson said police received several calls, including one from staff working in a nearby building, Alberta Plywood. 

Johnson said the man was about 20 years old and that police didn't know the cause of the death. 

Insp. Keith Johnson

Insp. Keith Johnson said police were looking for forensic evidence on the railway tracks but they were still trying to pinpoint the exact crime scene several hours after the man's body was found. (CBC)

"It is considered to be suspicious," Johnson said at the scene. "We'll wait for an autopsy that will most likely take place tomorrow." 

Police were still on the scene at 8 p.m., trying to pinpoint the exact crime scene. 

"We'd rather be safe than sorry and just try to backtrack this individual's steps and try to confirm exactly where it took place," Johnson said.

The rail line was shut down for a period Sunday evening, although the body was found between the building and the fence, away from the tracks. 

"If there's any forensic evidence on the tracks we want to make sure we get that looked after." 

Police did not say whether suspects were in custody.

Anyone who may have witnessed suspicious activity is asked to call the police.