Home-care system 'failed,' Health Minister Fred Horne says

Alberta's Health Minister Fred Horne has said he regrets the inconvenience caused by service disruptions to more than 300 home-care patients in Edmonton.

Alberta's NDP blames Horne for the province's health care problems

Province asks for review of home care system 2:12

Alberta's Health Minister Fred Horne has said he regrets the inconvenience caused by service disruptions to 300 home-care patients in Edmonton.

"In Edmonton the system failed," said Horne, adding that Alberta Health Services’ apology earlier today for the disruptions was appropriate, as he holds them responsible.

Missed home-care appointments became an issue earlier this year after AHS began a transition to fewer and larger home-care service providers.

AHS boss Chris Eagle apologized for problems caused by one home-care provider, Revera, which said it faced staffing challenges after receiving a large contract.

"The issue around Revera is a concern," said Eagle,  “because the organization should have recognized that there are weaknesses there, and the duration of the duress the people have been put through."

Eagle did not apologize for the business decision to go with larger home-care service providers.

Opposition slams province

Alberta Liberal Dr. David Swann said he blames Fred Horne for the problems.

"He (Horne) is the author of all the problems that we're seeing in the healthcare system," Swann told CBC News on Thursday.

Alberta’s NDP have slammed the province and Revera Health Systems for the disruptions.

"This is the latest part of a very sad story on this failed decision to use large corporations to provide health care home care here in the city of Edmonton,” Edmonton NDP MLA David Eggen said Wednesday.

“Home-care recipients – the patients themselves – have been shortchanged on this issue. Home care workers are very upset, and are leaving in droves. And now we have one of the major corporations who took a contract walking away from part of their responsibility.”


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