The Health Quality Council of Alberta is taking a closer look at home care services in the province, after Edmonton patients have had complaints during the transition to new providers -- although the scope of the study will be very limited.

“This is about looking after home care for the long run because it's one of the most rapidly growing areas of health care and it has to be there not only for current users of the home care system, but for people in future as well," said Dr. Chris Eagle, President of Alberta Health Services.  

The review will focus on quality assurance in the system - including standards, how problems are identified, and how standards can be enforced with private companies.

It will not look at access to home care services or how it is funded, nor will it examine the individual companies providing the services.

In September, a 87-year-old Edmonton woman told CBC News that she was left alone on the floor of her seniors’ residence after her home care failed to show up.

People have also complained about providers dropping some areas, causing confusion.

At this point, the review will not include testimony from the public. The full report is set  to be given to the Minister of Health at the end of February.