Albertans who rely on home care are now receiving letters telling them that their service providers are changing.

Nic Good is a quadriplegic who lives by himself in Edmonton and needs assistance with daily needs like getting out of bed.

He received a letter on Friday telling him his provider no longer has a contract with the government

"I can’t get through a 24-hour period without assistance from these caregivers," he told CBC News.

Alberta Health Services is cutting the number of home care service providers from 35 to 10 in Edmonton in an effort to save money.

Good is angry because he feels the province revealed the changes too late for clients like him to have a voice.

"It’s enraging," he said. "You just feel that it’s just some government bureaucratic entity. Some person has made a decision who has no idea what it’s like to live this kind of existence."

AHS is moving to the new providers starting next month.

Good hopes to learn more about the transition at a meeting later this week.