As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving south of the border, a local food truck company is thankful for some serious star power they hope will launch them into the hearts and stomachs of foodies everywhere.

On Thursday, Netflix Canada posted a tongue-in-cheek video to its Facebook page in honour of American Thanksgiving.

It features a trio of young stars from the wildly popular series Stranger Things talking about what people should be thankful for.

They then realize Canadians celebrate the holiday a month earlier and proceed to list off what they think their northern neighbours paid tribute to. 

"You probably gave thanks for lots of things like bagged milk, Drake, all-dressed chips, Ed the Sock," the actors list off.

"The return of the long-form census, Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod. That woman who smelled burned toast, and oh, Edmonton's Hola la Taco truck."

"Oh my gosh, I was as surprised as anybody," said Hola La Taco owner Pamela Towers.

"I had to watch it three times! Someone at Netflix loves our tacos."

The Devon-based company is fairly new to Edmonton's food truck scene, rolling in just two years ago.

The crew offers an original "Gourmet Acadian Twist" on tacos and other traditional Mexican favourites.

Towers credits the unexpected exposure to her social media co-ordinator who regularly posts about the company online.

"We've had a lot of success now and with this shout-out from Netflix and Stranger Things, expect to see us more," said Towers.

She plans to pay her good fortune forward.

Asked whether Netflix will now be getting a surprise delivery of tacos, Towers said anything is possible.

After all, stranger things have been known to happen.