Hockey team raises funds to help teen with cancer

A local hockey team is raising funds to help the family of 18-year-old Crystal Montgomery, who is battling cancer.
Justin Bieber visited Edmonton teen Crystal Montgomery at the Cross Cancer Institute in October. (Instagram)

A local hockey team is raising money to help an Edmonton teen who is battling cancer.

Crystal Montgomery, 18, was diagnosed in July when doctors found a tumour in her left arm.

"I was just screaming and crying and I couldn't even sit still," Montgomery said. "I was kicking my legs."  

Following her diagnosis, Montgomery spent the next three months in hospital getting chemotherapy.

When her younger brother's hockey team heard about how much the treatments were costing her family, the St. Matthew Peewee Warriors decided to organize a fundraiser at their game in Sherwood Park on Friday night.

"I started tearing up automatically when I heard my little 11-year-old brother and all his little friends wanted to do something for me, and they don't even really understand what's happening," she said.

Montgomery plans to sing the national anthem at the game. Organizers have already raised close to $1000, and expect to get donations on Friday.

This isn't the first time Montgomery's friends and family have rallied to boost her spirits.

Last month, her friends used Twitter to convince pop superstar Justin Bieber to visit her at the Cross Cancer Clinic when his tour stopped in Edmonton.