Edmonton police continue to search for the man who killed Adam Groves in a hit-and-run involving a stolen pickup truck on Friday.

The 33-year-old father of two died trying to stop the thief from stealing his blue 2006 Dodge Ram truck from outside his Rundle Park home.

Adam Groves

Adam Groves, 33, has been identified as the man killed in a hit-and-run involving a stolen truck on Friday. (Supplied)

The suspect behind the wheel of the stolen truck took off, initiating a city-wide search effort by police.

Groves’ truck was found later Friday night parked near 95th Street and 112th Avenue, however, police said they have no reason to believe the location is linked to the suspect.

Police say the man who stole the pickup was already on the run after an earlier vehicle theft. A woman believed to be involved in the original crime has been taken into custody.

When asked about the woman, Det. Rick Thomas would not comment, except to say “they were obviously connected at some point, [to what] extent we don’t know. We’re still investigating that aspect of things.”

On Monday, EPS released this very short dashboard-cam video showing the suspect racing down the street just seconds after the hit-and-run.

Det. Rick Thomas said officers were still wading through evidence, but said little is known about the suspect so far.

"We don’t have a name for him, we don’t know if he’s from the city, we don’t know anything about him at this point, really.”

They are hoping the public will help identify the man, who they describe between 25- and 30-years old, standing between 5'9"to 6’0”,with a medium build and wearing jeans and a red-and-white striped shirt.

Family remembers loving father, husband

A memorial has been set up outside of Groves’ home, near where he died on Friday.

Groves had started his own consulting business, in which his truck was an asset, about six months ago.

Groves Memorial

A memorial has been set up in front of Groves' home, not far from where he died trying to stop the suspect from trying to steal his truck. (CBC)

Groves’ sister-in-law Desire Poulin described him as an incredibly caring and loving father and husband, well-respected by friends and the community, and possessing an infectious smile.

"Although we see Adam's death as a tragedy, he died a hero," she said. "He did was he thought was right, his livelihood was a big part of providing for his family.”

“If the suspect is watching this, please do the right thing and turn yourself in. We’re hurting, we need justice for Adam,” she added.

He leaves behind his common-law wife, a 7-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter.