High school fight injures 3

Two Edmonton high school students stabbed in a brawl Tuesday afternoon were not part of the original fight that drew dozens of students to a north end park.
Police were called to a north Edmonton park after three people were injured in a fight. ((CBC))
Two Edmonton high school students stabbed in a brawl Tuesday afternoon were not part of the original altercation that drew dozens of students to a north end park.

"It was a planned fight and the two students from Archbishop O'Leary heard that this was going to happen, went to watch, and unfortunately became involved," said Edmonton Catholic School Board spokeswoman Lori Nagy.

The fight happened in the park near 140th Avenue and 92nd Street after 4 p.m.

The teens, a Grade 11 and a Grade 12 student, received superficial stab wounds.

Original reports suggested a third person hurt in the fight was either a current student or someone who had been recently expelled.

Nagy said that person was, in fact, a 21 or 22-year-old man and not a former student.

Edmonton Catholic Schools spokeswoman Lori Nagy listens to a reporter's question during a media availability Wednesday morning. ((CBC))
He was also stabbed, but his injuries are more serious, Nagy said.  Police and school officials are still trying to determine what provoked the fight.

The students learned about the fight through a text message.

"Texting is great but it can also, in this case, cause a congregation of 70 students to get together," Nagy said.

Dale Kupina was driving by with his son when he saw the teens in the park.

"About 10 or 15 of them came over that little hill where I was parked, towards my van, screaming 'He's got pepper spray,'" he said. "Shortly thereafter, my windows were open, I got it in my nose, my son got it in [his] throat."

The teens were treated in hospital and released.

The assailants left in a car. No one has yet been arrested or charged.