Edmonton Folk Music Festival fanatics crashed the box office — and the website — in the annual race for highly coveted tickets Saturday.

While 2,300 lottery tickets were handed out at Telus Field, the Folk Music Festival website crashed Saturday due to high volumes of online sales. As a result, tickets are still available for the four-day event. 

Terry Wickham, the Festival's executive producer, said organizers had to come up with a quick solution after the website crashed. Approximately 2,000 tickets were transferred to Ticketmaster.

“We know there’s a lot of anxiety and anticipation to get tickets,” he said. “We didn’t want to wait until Monday or Tuesday. We thought, we’ll give it two hours, get the message out and let people buy at Ticketmaster.”

As of Sunday morning, there were still four-day day passes available for purchase at the Ticketmaster website.

Dealing with the high volume of traffic when it comes to ticket sales is an issue organizers of the popular music festival face every year.

“You can’t build a highway that you only use for one morning,” Wickham said. “That’s what’s happening. We’re going to have to look at our technology situation and see where we go from here, because it’s not the first crash we’ve had.”

The Folk Music Festival runs from August 7 to 10.