As frigid temperatures continue across the prairies, members of the CBC Edmonton newsroom are debating the correct spelling of the wooly cap we Canadians wear on our heads. 

The CBC Style Guide has this to say on the matter:

Tuque versus toque

Tuque: Tuque is the preferred Canadian spelling of the knitted cap worn in winter.

“They ran so hard across the snowy field their faces were as red as their tuques.”

The term tuque is French Canadian. Some etymologists think it probably comes from an Old Spanish word (toca) for a type of headdress — specifically, a soft, close-fitting cap worn about 500 years ago.

Toque: Toque is the spelling we use for some other types of headwear. But these are rarely mentioned in news stories.

Toques include conical or plumed hats from previous centuries, the tall white crowns worn by chefs, and modern snug hats that fall into the rather vague category of high-fashion.


So now we put the question to you: what do you call that knitted cap on your head?

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