A 32-year-old member of the Hells Angels is in custody and nine others arrested after three homes were raided in Edmonton and St. Albert, says the Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team.

Officers seized cocaine, guns, body armour, cash, fake I.D. and a Hells Angels vest.

Those arrested face dozens of drug and weapons charges.

It was a frightening event from some of the neighbours Thursday.

Gerry Buccini says his wife watched members of a tactical unit surround the home in their St. Albert community.

“She could see two RCMP officers pointing rifles at the house.. she said she saw somebody being led out of the house in handcuff,” Buccini said.

He added that there have been visitors at the house at all times of the night and police have been to the home before.

Police say the number of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Alberta has grown from three to 23 in five years.