Dar Heatherington, who mysteriously disappeared from Great Falls over the weekend, has been found alive and unharmed in Las Vegas.

Dar Heatherington (AP Photo)

Staff Sgt. Chris Slexhaug says the Lethbridge alderman was located Tuesday night in Las Vegas, after police received a complaint of someone wandering around a hotel in a disoriented state.

Heatherington, a 39-year-old mother of three, spent five hours at the University Medical Centre in Las Vegas and was released Wednesday morning, apparently in good health. Her husband, David, is reported to be heading to Nevada to meet her.

Police on both sides of the border have been searching for Heatherington since Saturday night, when her husband reported her missing. She had failed to return from a council business trip to Montana, which she'd attended with the Lethbridge mayor and other aldermen.

On Tuesday, police seemed to be leaning towards Heatherington's disappearance being deliberate.

Great Falls police said Heatherington and her family have a history with the Lethbridge police department. They also said while they weren't ruling out suicide or foul play, there was no evidence of either.

"The Lethbridge PD has a history with Ms Heatherington, they are aware of this individual, they have had contact with this individual and they have had contact with the family," Great Falls Lt. Ron Steffans said.

Her actions before her disappearance had police curious.

She called her husband Saturday morning to say she would have to miss their daughter's piano recital that night. She then phoned the Great Falls city councillor to cancel a meeting, which was the reason she'd stayed longer in the city.

She shopped in downtown Great Falls, buying gifts for her children, and then purchased an old mountain bike from a pawn shop, saying she wanted to see the city. That had police searching the bike paths along the Missouri River.

Her rental car, wtih her purse and shopping bags inside and the keys on the ground near the the back tires, was found six blocks from the pawn shop in a parking lot.