A proposed 25-metre cell phone tower is an eyesore and should be scrapped, say Hazeldean community members.

"You cannot tell me that a tower is going to be beautiful," said Kisa Mortenson who lives across the street from the site at 96th Street and 71st Avenue. "It's going to be way taller than anything else in the community. 

"My children deserve better and so do I," she said.

About 120 people attended a meeting hosted by Rogers Communications and the city at the Hazeldean Community Hall Tuesday night, almost all upset with the proposal.

The tower will be located at the west side of the parking lot of the Good Samaritan Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre.

"It's at our cost to have this eyesore in this neighbourhood — to have our property values go down," said Shawn Roder.  "You're going to recoup your money by telling people you have better coverage in this area."

The project is not a done deal, said Rogers spokesperson Marina Guy.

"We can decide to maybe change the location if that's possible," she said. "Or put up several smaller cell towers to meet the need."

Rogers has extended the deadline for feedback on the tower.

Last year, residents of the Westmount community successfullly fought Rogers' cell phone tower proposed near the shopping mall.

Final approval for all cell phone towers is up to Industry Canada.