A former Edmonton high school teacher convicted of sexually abusing his student apologized to his victim in court Friday.

"I took advantage of you when you were most vulnerable and shattered. I'm so sorry. None of this was your fault. All of it was mine," he told his former student, who has asked to be called “Trevor” to protect his identity.

Harvey Klok faces sentencing for the assault, which happened while he was teaching at the Edmonton Christian High School in 2004.

In a victim impact statement, Trevor, who was 18 at the time, said he trusted Klok and had no idea of the man’s intentions.

“The trust was broken.  It was an abuse from someone who I trusted,” he said.

"I lost my spark. I lost myself,” he told court, as members of his family sobbed in the courtroom. “I feel sexually broken.”

The Crown is asking for up to a year in jail. Klok’s lawyer, who says his client no longer poses a risk to the community, has suggested between 12 to 15 months of house arrest.

Asked whether Klok jail time would make any difference to him, Trevor responded, “I guess it does matter, but it only matters if it's going to actually help him. If it's going to be something that helps him realize that what he did was wrong... and that  he takes responsibility for what he's done.”

The judge will hand down Klok’s sentence May 12.