Alberta premier Dave Hancock says he will look into whether internal government documents were leaked for political purposes.

PC leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk lodged the complaint after news broke about his $20,000 cell phone bill.

On Monday, Lukaszuk apologized for the huge bill, which was racked up while he was deputy premier but travelling overseas for personal reasons.

While he is not disputing the bill, Lukaszuk said the documents showing his phone bill could only have come from a government source.

Lukaszuk said the total cost of the phone bill is old news – suggesting the information was leaked now in order to damage his reputation during the PC leadership campaign. 

Hancock’s spokesman Derek Cummings said the premier is “concerned” about the allegations, but could not offer any specifics on how his office will investigate the matter. 

PC party members will begin voting for the new leader on September 5. The results will be announced in Edmonton on the evening of September 6.