The fate of a controversial gun range in Spruce Grove will be considered at a public meeting Monday afternoon.

People who live nearby are appealing a decision by Parkland County to renew the club’s development permit for three years.

Neighbours are concerned about noise and the range’s proximity to nearby homes.

A bullet was found lodged in a house in Poplar Ridge Estates, two kilometres away, however no one has been able to prove that it came from the club.

Bill Newton is a member of the Spruce Grove Gun Club.  He said the club has a number of safety measures in place and takes these types of complaints seriously.

The club has been in the same location for 40 years and Newton thinks urban development may be a factor in why complaints have been increasing.

“It’s that lure of rural living,” Newton said. “People are moving into rural areas and coming up against livestock operations, farms, gravel pits, factories and it’s finally come to us.”

Newton said that the club hopes that the issue is settled during Monday’s hearing.

CBC News has spoken to several residents concerned about the range. However, none of them wanted to be identified.