A group fighting the City of Edmonton’s plan to demolish the downtown Cloverdale footbridge held a rally on Saturday in the hopes of getting more people to support their cause.

About 20 people attended an annual Jane’s Walk hosted by the Save Edmonton’s Downtown Footbridge group. The focus of this year’s walking tour was looking at an alternate route for the new Valley LRT line.

The pedestrian bridge crossing the North Saskatchewan River from Louise McKinney Park to Cloverdale will be torn down as part of the construction for the LRT line.

“In solving a transportation issue, the city (is) ignoring liveability issues and is going to create a host of other problems that are very expensive and detract from the liveability of the city,” said Kristine Kowalchuk, representing the Save Edmonton’s Downtown Footbridge group.

The proposed alternate LRT route would save the heavily used pedestrian bridge and would include a stop at the Shaw Conference Centre.

The route also wouldn’t require a tunnel, unlike the city’s plan, which the group said would save millions and minimize the impact on Chinatown.

The group is hoping to gain enough support to force the city to overturn the decision.

So far more than 850 people have signed an online petition to save the footbridge.

Map of the city's Valley LRT line and proposed alternate route

The Save Edmonton's Downtown Footbridge group has proposed an alternate route (in green) to the City of Edmonton's Valley LRT line (in red). (Save Edmonton's Downtown Footbridge Facebook)