A motorcycle crash on Groat Road that badly injured a man in his 20s on Thursday has prompted police to issue a warning about speeding along that stretch of road.

The man was taken to hospital with what police called significant and life-threatening injuries after crashing his bike close to Groat Road and 102nd Avenue. Investigators haven't said how fast he was going.

Groat Road has sharp dips and curves and for that reason is a spot where motorcycle riders frequently get into trouble.

"It is known that motorcycles do like to travel this road and have fun just because of the way it's structured," said Const. Margaret Raposo.

"But, however, it is quite dangerous as well, if they don't take care.

Police have tried for years to get motorcycle riders to slow down.

In 2001, lines were painted along Groat Road to make it easier for police to track speeders from the air.

Then they set up portable photo radar boxes in 2005.

The speed limit along the curves is 35 kilometres an hour.

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