The RCMP says the family of an Alberta woman, murdered in her home earlier this year, will have to wait for answers to questions surrounding her death.

Brenda Moreside, 44, was stabbed to death in February 2005, in her home in High Prairie, Alta., about 300 kilometres northwest of Edmonton. Her common-law husband has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder.

The night she was killed, Moreside had called 911 complaining her husband was intoxicated and trying to break into the house. She asked the operator and later RCMP Const. Devon Bateman to send help, but no one ever turned up.

Moreside was apparently told twice that her husband could not be arrested and charged because he was damaging his own property. Twelve days later, Moreside's body was discovered in the doorway of their home.

Cynthia and Craig Flaata, Moreside's children, said it was no secret their mother was involved in an abusive relationship. Before her death, the RCMP had responded to at least one domestic assault call, though no charges were laid because Moreside said she would refuse to testify.

Her common-law husband had a long and violent criminal history.

Moreside's family say they've been waiting almost a year for an explanation from the RCMP. Her daughter, Cynthia Flaata, said she was hoping to hear something this week.

"I want to know why the RCMP didn't feel the need to go to my mom's house, when she called for help.They're (the police) just giving everybody the run-around, all these excuses, I'm tired of it, I'm absolutely tired of it."

The RCMP had indicated it would provide some details, but late Monday, it abruptly changed its plans, saying it didn't want to jeopardize a preliminary hearing in February, or interfere in a fatality inquiry, although one hasn't been called.

Edmonton MP Peter Goldring believes the RCMP must spell out how it responds to 911 calls. He also believes the RCMP public complaints commission should get involved.

"The public deserves to know what kind of protection it can expect in circumstances like this," said Goldring.

Cynthia Flaata says there can be no closure to her mother's horrific murder until she hears from the RCMP. She plans to contact everyone from her MLA to the prime minister to ask for their help.