From roaming the streets to setting up permanent digs, the Local Omnivore has found a home.

Aficionados of the popular Edmonton food truck no longer have to search the streets for their fix of artisan sandwiches, cured meats and handmade schnitzel; the operation has opened a brick-and-mortar location in Holland Plaza, in north Oliver.

But the Local Omnivore is far from road-weary. Edmonton AM food reviewer Twyla Campbell said co-owners Mark Bellows and Ryan Brodziak continue to serve up mouthwatering  "from scratch" recipes.

"It's a small but interesting menu. Lots of quirky names on the menu, and crazy combinations of food which I really think is going to draw people in," Campbell said. 

"It's definitely worth a visit." 

Local Omnivore

Campbell described this roasted pork loin sandwich as "divine." (Twyla Campbell )

Campbell said the new restaurant features much of the same fare as the food truck, including its super-smoked bacon and gravy-drenched poutine. 

And if Local Omnivore's menu fails to satisfy, the restaurant will be opening its doors to an ever-changing roster of outside talent. The space will serve as a pop-up location for chefs from Edmonton and beyond. 

"It's a fantastic idea," Campbell said. 

Campbell sampled three sandwiches: caramelized chorizo, roasted pork loin smothered in swiss cheese, and corned beef wrapped in Russian rye bread, and said they were divine.

"Just great flavours all around," she said. "They make a darn good sandwich." 

If sandwiches aren't your thing, the menu also features hearty soups and gluttonous breakfast-style options like bacon schnitzel grilled cheese and a platter of five meats, refried beans, eggs and toast Omnivore calls the Brokeback.

"You better make sure you're hungry." 

You can hear Twyla's reviews on Edmonton AM every second Friday. You can also see more of her reviews on her blog, Weird Wild and Wonderful, and can follow her on Twitter at @wanderwoman10.