RCMP in Cold Lake are asking the public to keep an eye out for three Great Danes, which they say were stolen from a home in the area on Sept. 19.

The two male dogs and one female dog are certified purebreds, valued at approximately $15,000, RCMP said Monday.

The dogs' owner, Janet Edmunds, was away in Calgary at the time, while her husband, Lyle Edmunds, was visiting the neighbour's house. When he got home at about 4 p.m., they were gone.

Janet, who has owned Great Danes for 40 years and breeds them every few years, has never had something like this happen, she told CBC Edmonton on Monday.

"I have never had one go missing … this is just the scariest thing," she said.

The female is an older dog, fawn in colour with a grey muzzle and cropped ears.

One male is tall, fawn in colour with a dark muzzle and cropped ears.

The second male is tall, brindle in colour, with a black muzzle and white on the chest.

Janet said she doesn't disregard the possibility the dogs took off, but with the two males as tall as her waist and weighing about 150 pounds each, they're hard to miss.

'I miss them a lot'

"Nobody saw them in our subdivision — that's the weird thing," she said, adding that she looked for them for days and asked neighbours. 

The couple also posted rewards on social media, offering $10,000 for their safe return, saying the older Dane has medical needs.

"They are my constant companions. They're my jogging partners, you know? When you're not feeling well, they're your nurses.

"These are exceptional dogs. I miss them a lot."

RCMP are asking anyone with information on the stolen dogs to get in touch with them.