Edmonton is now home to Grant MacEwan University, after the former college was formally renamed Thursday by the Alberta government.

"By the power of an order-in-council of the Government of Alberta, from this day forward, this institution will be known as Grant MacEwan University," Premier Ed Stelmach said in his official announcement held at the downtown campus.

The new university will focus on teaching, unlike institutions such as the University of Alberta and University of Calgary, which conduct research as well as teach students.

Grant MacEwan University will offer baccalaureate degrees in child and youth care, nursing, commerce, arts, science and music, specifically jazz and contemporary popular music.  MacEwan students can also take three applied degrees, 38 diploma and certificate programs and four university transfer programs.

The college was established in 1971 and named after the politician who served as member of the legislature, mayor of Calgary and lieutenant-governor of Alberta. 

The change in status for the institution is the second such development in the past month. On Sept. 3, former Calgary college Mount Royal was renamed Mount Royal University.