Officials at Grant MacEwan University plan to consolidate all the institutions campuses downtown over the next 25 years. (CBC)

Officials at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton have revealed the first in a series of expansion plans for the downtown campus.

The university — now spread out over four campuses — will be consolidated downtown over the next 25 years, said Paul Byrne, president of Grant MacEwan.

"The first piece of that is an office complex that we're building on top of a parkade," Byrne said Tuesday.

The 5,000-square-metre addition, called the University Service Centre, will house about 200 support staff, including those from two other campuses.

"It doesn't use land that we need so desperately," Byrne said. "It just builds on what we've already got in place."

Most of the $20 million needed for the expansion comes from a fund the university established a few years ago. The federal Knowledge Infrastructure Program is contributing $1 million.

The space freed up at the City Centre Campus and the Alberta College Campus will be used for labs, research facilities and classrooms, Byrne said.

The service centre is expected to take about a year to build.