'Granny Gaga' gets a happy ending

'Granny Gaga' met her idol Monday night when pop star Lady Gaga performed in Edmonton.

86-year-old told pop star Lady Gaga that she was an inspiration

Inez Whitfield, who has been dubbed Granny Gaga, met her idol Monday night in Edmonton. Whitfield, 86, had to get special permission from her care home in order to attend the concert. (artRAVE photo)

'Granny Gaga' met her idol Monday night after pop star Lady Gaga performed before a sold-out crowd at Rexall Place in Edmonton.

Self-described as one of of Lady Gaga's biggest fans, 86-year-old Inez Whitfield was given special permission from her care home on Monday to attend the concert, just weeks after an emergency appendectomy.

 It was all worth after Whitfield and her daughter were granted a special audience with Gaga herself.

“It was beyond my expectations – and I had high expectations going in,” said Whitfield on Tuesday morning. 

  • Listen to Inez Whitfield describe her meeting with Lady Gaga

 The senior and her daughter were on their way out of the arena just before the encore when they were chased down by concert security saying Lady Gaga wanted to meet them.

“I don’t know how any of this wonderful night happened. Lady Gaga heard your report and she read or heard or saw something – and she invited me backstage to meet her after the concert was over,” recalled Whitfield.

After a 90-minute wait, ‘Granny’ met Gaga.

“We sat and we had a chat for quite a while,” Whitfield said, describing the pop star as charming, human and “beyond nice.”

“I found her to be everything that I thought her to be and more,” said Whitfield.

The admiration was mutual, it seems.

Whitfield’s daughter, Terry Whitfield, said Lady Gaga cried as her mother told her what an inspiration she was.

"She told mom that she was really sweet and that she found mom to be an inspiration, and that she was really pleased she made it to the show."

Whitfield said Lady Gaga also took some personal pictures with her biggest fan, thanking ‘Granny Gaga’ for her kind words.

The star later tweeted out a message about Whitfield, including a picture of the two together after the concert.