Criminal charges have been laid against a 59-year-old grandfather who is accused of leaving an 11-month-old boy alone in a vehicle at an Edmonton dog park.

Police say two citizens called around 6:40 p.m. Saturday to report the baby, who had been left in a Dodge Caravan with unlocked doors and one window rolled completely down.

Witnesses told police the grandfather returned to the van about 45 minutes after they first found the child.

EMS examined the 11-month-old, who was found to be in good health, before returning him to his mother.

“This is the third incident in four days where an unsupervised child in a vehicle has been reported by concerned citizens,” said Sgt. Gary Willits of the Child at Risk Response Team in a release Sunday.

“In all three cases, each child was easily accessible by anyone passing by, leaving each child vulnerable to medical distress, anxiety, and crimes against children, just to name a few. We will continue to lay charges and continue to repeat the message – a guardian cannot use a vehicle as a babysitter – never leave a child unsupervised.”

The grandfather has been charged with abandoning a child under the age of 10.