The phrase "the RCMP always get their man" has long been associated Canada's national police force.

But over the weekend, one suspect in Grande Prairie made things almost too easy.

A man who waltzed into the RCMP detachment of his own free will on Sunday ended the day in handcuffs, charged as the lead suspect in a string of armed robberies.

According to police, the 41-year-old had recently been pulled over in a routine traffic stop, and didn't have his licence on him at the time.

In order to avoid a fine, he was told to drop by the detachment to prove he was licensed to drive.

He did that on Sunday. Problem was, the moment he walked in, one officer recognized the man as a suspect in a recent crime involving a stolen vehicle.

The man was arrested on the spot. Upon further investigation, police linked the suspect with six separate investigations that date back to October 2015.

During a crime spree that lasted more than three months, police say the man used a disguise to rob liquor stores and grocery stores across the Grande Prairie region.

He now faces a total of 17 weapons and robbery-related charges.

The accused is scheduled to appear in a Grande Prairie courtroom on March 7.