The man charged with killing four high school football players in a car crash near Grande Prairie is expected to plead guilty.

Brendan Holubowich was supposed to go to trial in December 2013, but Crown prosecutor Jason Neustaeter said a plea agreement has been reached.

"He's going to plead guilty to a number of charges he has outstanding and we're going to proceed to sentencing," he said Tuesday.

'The bottom line is the same. Our son is still dead.' —Darren Davidson, Walter Borden-Wilkins's step-father

A court date is set for January to ensure both sides are ready to proceed with the agreement in February.

Holubowich is facing numerous charges including impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death.

Vincent Stover, Walter Borden-Wilkins, Tanner Hildebrant and Matthew Deller all died in the crash on Oct. 22, 2011.

A fifth boy, Zachary Judd was badly injured.

Families react to news of deal

The news of the intended plea brought little comfort to some of the boys’ families.


Brendan Holubowich is expected to enter a plea and be sentenced in February. (CBC)

Borden-Wilkins’ step-father, Darren Davidson, says he has resigned himself to whatever the court decides.

"The bottom line is still the same, our son is dead ... Walter's still not coming home no matter what happens," he said.

"If the court has to do things their way, then they do it their way. "

Davidson said he’s heard from others who worry the plea will lead to a lighter sentence.

However, he said it is best just to get the matter over with to allow people to heal.

"I’ve seen the best and I’ve seen the worst in human behaviour. Now I just want to get it past me."