Five goslings were rescued by firefighters from their nest on the Shepherd’s Garden seniors’ residence in Mill Woods on Wednesday.

The birds hatched earlier in the day and had to get to open water. 

“They wouldn’t get down unless we assisted them,” said Capt. Greg Holubowich

goslings in a box

Firefighters placed the goslings in a cardboard box and then brought them back to earth using a ladder truck. (CBC )

Firefighters were on standby waiting until the goose and gander showed up to escort their goslings to a nearby pond.

When the two older geese appeared on the ground, two firefighters used a ladder truck to get onto the roof .

They placed the goslings in a cardboard box and brought them down to the applause of onlookers.

Firefighters then blocked traffic on 28th Avenue to allow the geese and their goslings to safely cross to a nearby pond.

Holubowich says the fire department gets about two to three calls about goslings a year.

geese and goslings

Edmonton firefighters played crossing guard for two geese and five goslings on Wednesday as they crossed 28 Avenue to get to a nearby pond. (CBC)