Glenora residents in west Edmonton are worried about a luxury condominium high rise project that's come to a quiet halt.

"I think that crews come in, do a little bit then leave," says Diane Thompson, president of the Glenora community league. "So we're all a bit puzzled about what's been happening."

"It's ugly," says area resident Dorrie Wakulchik. "It looks terrible especially being right on the corner in a nice residential neighbourhood."

The Glenora Skyline project is supposed to be a high end residential and commercial complex with luxury condos with marble exterior walls and blue windows built right on a new LRT line.

But there has been little progress in the 20 months since construction began and now building has stopped altogether.

The company's been slapped with a lawsuit and hundreds of thousands of dollars in builders liens.

Company president Alex Davidoff made headlines last summer when he was allegedly kidnapped, but he refused to comment on what's happening at the construction site.

The company has issued a statement saying it remains committed to the project, but it also says the alleged kidnapping created challenges that no company could prepare for.

So far, 19 of 57 units have been sold and the company says its still selling units during what it's calling a temporary stop in construction.

But for now people living nearby fear they may end up next to an eyesore.

"We want it to keep going," said Thompson. "We want it to be complete. at least this one building that's there. Nobody likes to be in the same neighbourhood as a project that's unfinished."

With files from CBC's Nola Keeler