The city’s bid committee vying to bring the 2022 Commonwealth Games to Edmonton have returned from the most recent games in Glasgow, Scotland — and they’re saying Edmonton is ahead of the competition.

The city sent more than 20 representatives to help with the city’s bid, at a cost between $6,000 and $8,000 per person. 

Coun. Amarjeet Sohi believes it was money well spent. 

"It was very worthwhile," he said. 

"The knowledge that we gained talking to those small nations, their needs and their ability — or lack of ability — to participate in the games. If you don’t go there and meet with them one on one, you will never understand that."

Reg Milley, the chair of the city of Edmonton’s bid committee, said one of the top priorities for local organizers will be providing convenient accommodations.

“The length of time it takes you to get between venues and get to things,” Milley said. “One of the things we heard over and over again is that this has been the first games ever when the athletes can actually walk from the village to the opening ceremonies.”

Great food is also a must, said Milley.

“In Glasgow, they were serving 27,000 meals a day — a tremendous amount of meals — with nutritionists involved and people checking on the food, making sure the food quality was there,” he said. “Food is extremely important for these athletes.”

Edmonton will officially submit a detailed bid in March.

The city is one of two bidding to host he Commonwealth Games. The South African city of Durban has also come forward as a potential suitor. The decision will be announced in September 2015.