After stripping Mayor Doug Horner of his most of his powers last month, Gibbons town councillors voted in a tense meeting on Tuesday to cut his salary. 

Horner will now earn a councillor’s stipend of around $900 a month, down from the $1,500 he was earning as mayor.

The embattled mayor was the only member of council to vote against the motion.

Councillors have alleged that Horner has treated staff poorly and has attended meetings without their knowledge

A mediator has been brought in to deal with the situation. After the meeting, Horner said that the truth will come out during that process.

“I have letters saying that a lot of what they repeat in the media is lies or gossip,” Horner told reporters afterwards.

“You know I built a company in the oil and gas sector while being a single parent raising a daughter for ten years. These guys are puppy pee compared to that.”

The mediator will determine if Horner should be reinstated or continue in his stripped-down role as a councillor.

The motions passed by council on July 23 left Horner with the ceremonial title of mayor.

He will not be able to call special council meetings, sign bylaws or other legal documents on behalf of the town or act as a spokesman for the town for six months.

However, Horner still remains a voting member of council.