Gang member killed at Edmonton Institution

The Edmonton Institution was locked down after a 21-year-old aboriginal gang member was killed Tuesday night.

The Edmonton Institution was locked down after a 21-year-old aboriginal gang member was killed Tuesday night.

A spokesman at the maximum security jail said officers tried to break up a fight at one of the units about 7 p.m., but it was too late to save the inmate's life. 

Corrections Canada spokesman Rick Dyhm confirmed the fight was caught on videotape and that it took place on a unit that houses members of different gangs.

"Both of the individuals in question were gang members — different gangs," he said.  "But we were of the opinion they were able to co-exist as gang members."

Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht called the death the city's 34th homicide of 2011 in an interview with Global News Wednesday.  Officers were still at the prison Wednesday conducting an investigation.

Second death at prison this year

The victim's name hasn't been released but Dyhm said the man had only been at Edmonton Institution since July 4th. Dyhm said the victim was a member of the Scorpion Brothers gang based in Saskatchewan.

The man who was allegedly involved in a fight with the victim is a member of the Terror Squad, another Saskatchewan gang.

"At this point we don't know what was the precipitating event in terms of this assault," Dyhm said. "It may not have had anything to do with gang affiliation. It may have been a personal issue."

Edmonton police were still on the scene Wednesday investigating.

This is the second death at the prison this year. Gyozo Victor Barasso, 45, was found stabbed to death in his cell at the prison on Feb. 26.

Two inmates are charged with first-degree murder in Barasso's death; another three inmates face charges of being accessories to murder after the fact and obstruction of justice.