Hundreds of people attended a funeral Monday for Father Gilbert Dasna, Roman Catholic priest who was killed in St. Paul, Alta. ten days ago.

Clergy, RCMP officers in dress uniform and an honour guard from the Knights of Columbus joined people from the town in remembering the francophone priest who was originally from Cameroon. 

Dasna funeral

Clergy and RCMP officers in dress uniform led the casket out of St. Paul Cathedral on Monday. (CBC)

"People were touched by his simple goodness, simple life, faith and of trust in God," Pierre Lamoureux, spokesman for the Diocese of St. Paul, told CBC News. "That's the kind of man he was."

Dasna died after he was shot n the rectory of St. Paul Cathedral on May 9. RCMP say he was killed by John Carlos Quadros, the man who died in a police shootout in downtown St. Paul that same day. 

Quadros was a health store owner who had lived in the community for years. 

St. Paul Mayor Glenn Andersen said he finds the whole thing difficult to understand. 

"The community is still confused about what really happened and I don't know if we really will know what happened until weeks or months to come," he said. "Maybe the real story will never come out."

RCMP are conducting a forensics and firearms analysis. The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team is also investigating the circumstances of Quadros's death. 

Dasna will be buried in his order's cemetery in Nigeria. 

RCMP salute

RCMP members salute as Father Gilbert Dasna's casket is placed in the hearse outside St. Paul Cathedral. (CBC )