The frigid Arctic weather that is expected to push temperatures down to –32 C early Saturday morning is being caused by an Arctic ridge of high pressure, according to CBC meteorologist Stephanie Barsby.

A cold front pushed through on Thursday and brought high northwesterly winds to the area.

“When you go from a really deep low pressure system to a really sharp high, the winds kick up,” Barsby said.

Winds on Thursday gusted to 57 km/hr.  Gusts of 40 km/hr are expected on Friday.

“When you combine all those things together, it’s almost like all the ingredients for the perfect recipe for this cold Arctic air we’ve got,” Barsby said.

“We’ve got northerly winds that are quite strong, we’ve got this cold Arctic air mass that’s on top of us. All those things are together.”

Saturday will be the coldest day with temperatures dropping to –32C overnight, with a daytime high of –24C.

Temperatures are expected to improve by the middle of next week.

Average temperatures for this time of year are lows of –12C with daytime highs of –2C.