Friends jump to the aid of Edmonton family in cancer fight

A young Edmonton family beset by cancer say they are overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and strangers.

Father of newborn twins hit by testicular cancer, strokes

The CBC's Scott Stevenson talks to one family who is dealing with a tragic series of medical emergencies -- while raising two newborn twins. 8:27

A young Edmonton family beset by cancer say they are overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and strangers.

Cheryl and Colin Pilipchuk had twin boys at the end of July, just three weeks before Colin was diagnosed with testicular cancer, his third bout with the disease.

But even more devastating is that since the diagnosis Colin suffered two strokes related to the treatment for the cancer and is confined to hospital, leaving the rearing of twins Kai and Jack to their mother.

That's forced Cheryl Pilipchuk to rely on friends such as Stacia Dolynchuk, a Grade 1 teacher at the same school where Colin teaches.

"I hope that if I was ever in that situation I know that I could count on people like Colin and Cheryl to look out for me too," Dolynchuk said.

Friends and colleagues Dolynchuk were quick to help out not only with meals and babysitting, but starting an online fund raising campaign that has generated close to $30,000 in just over a week.

The group even created a video petitioning talk show host Ellen Degeneres for help.

"That would be great if it happens, if not, it's just kind of a neat story," said Dolynchuk. "It's worth a shot, we're hoping that maybe Ellen sees it."

With files from CBC's Scott Stevenson


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