Fred Horne misleading Albertans over aging Misericordia, NDP says

Health Minister Fred Horne is misleading Albertans when it comes to badly needed repairs at Edmonton's Misericordia Hospital, says NDP health critic David Eggen.

Minister knows of concerns over gas lines and a lack of sprinklers, Eggen says

On Tuesday, NDP health critic David Eggen released new documents on the extent of problems at Edmonton's Misericordia Hospital. (CBC)

Health Minister Fred Horne is misleading Albertans when it comes to badly needed repairs at Edmonton's Misericordia Hospital, says NDP health critic David Eggen.

The overcrowded west-end hospital is plagued by electrical problems, plumbing leaks, broken elevators and is in general disrepair, as CBC News reported last month.

Eggen released new documents which he says shows there are critical concerns about medical gas lines and a lack of sprinklers.

Eggen told a news conference this morning that Horne recently denied knowing how bad things are at the hospital.

"I asked if he was interacting with Covenant Health on this issue in terms of what they actually need for repairs and he said, 'No.'

"We have documents that would prove otherwise and would demonstrate that Covenant Health in fact was asking for $36 million."

However, Horne says he has never misled the public and says he has been upfront with people about the problems at the hospital. 

"I think I've been very open with Albertans and Edmontonians, in question period and through the media, that we're well aware of the issues at the Misericordia," he said.

"We've been on top of them with Covenant Health for some time now and we've been flowing funds, over $19 million allocated already."

Horne has said the province gives Covenant Health money each year to maintain the hospital. He has also said Edmonton will need a new hospital at some point.