Fort McMurray is opening a new $258 million passenger terminal in June that is five times the size of the current building.

The new facility will include 15 stores and fast food outlets as well as two restaurants and will be big enough to handle 1.5 million passengers each year. 

In 2013, 1.2 million passengers flew in or out of the airport at a terminal built to handle 250,000 each year. 

Edmonton International Airport has also undergone an aggressive expansion and has served as a hub for many flights from Fort McMurray through to other parts of Canada and the world.

But EIA spokeswoman Traci Bednard doesn’t believe the new Fort McMurray facility will take passengers away from Edmonton.

She believes that better airports across the province will help grow passenger traffic.

“If your airport infrastructure is underdeveloped, that can cost money to airlines, it’s less convenient to passengers,” she said.

“Certainly all of Alberta benefits and can be more competitive if we have an up-to-date airport system across the province.”

The new Fort McMurray terminal will open on May 31 with retired Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield serving as master of ceremonies.