Fort Edmonton to be added to LRT station name

The South Campus LRT station will have 'Fort Edmonton Park' added to its name after the plan was approved by the city's executive committee
The South Campus LRT station will have "Fort Edmonton Park" added to its name, after a decision by the city's executive committee on Wednesday. 2:00

The South Campus LRT station will soon have a new name, after the city’s executive committee voted to add "Fort Edmonton Park" to the end of it.

Fort Edmonton Park has been lobbying for the name change since the station opened three years ago.

"We really need to look at how we can promote Fort Edmonton Park. We have a lot of investment there, it's one of the great potential tourist attractions from the city," said Mayor Stephen Mandel, who voted for the change.

"For tourists, not just Edmontonians."

The executive committee vote overturns a previous ruling by the city’s naming committee, which opposed the change because of the distance between the Fort Edmonton site and the LRT station - a 3.4 kilometre walk.

Fort Edmonton executive director Bill Demchuk says the distance from the station isn’t a major problem, as buses run frequently between the two.

"To see what it's like to take it to South Campus and take the bus to Fort Edmonton Park and it's very very quick," he said.

Many people, however, are concerned with the confusion the name change might cause for those who don’t know the area.

"People would be coming here, assuming to expect Fort Edmonton to be at least within walking distance," said Emily Ball, who passes through the station every day.

"Obviously this station is not even close to being near Fort Edmonton Park."

It isn’t known how much the name change will cost the city.