The former commanding officer of an Armed Forces base in Alberta has been found guilty of sexual assault.

A military judge found that Maj. David Yurczyszyn groped a woman's breast near the Wainwright training base, southeast of Edmonton, nearly two years ago.

Maj. David Yurczyszyn

Former CFB Wainwright CO Maj. David Yurczyszyn was found guilty Thursday of sexual assault. (Wainwright Star News)

At the beginning of his court martial this week, Yurczyszyn pleaded guilty to a charge of drunkenness under the National Defence Act.

But he denied grabbing the woman at a party on Remembrance Day in 2012.

Yurczyszyn was removed from the top job at Wainwright after he was charged last year, and transferred to army headquarters in Ottawa.

A decade earlier, he was charged but cleared in a sex-tape scandal in Ontario.