A former Edmonton high school teacher convicted of sexually abusing a student was sentenced Monday to nine months in jail.

Harvey James Klok taught at the Edmonton Christian High School. He pleaded guilty in December to sexually assaulting a student, who was 18 when the incidents occurred.

Earlier this month, the Crown asked the judge to sentence Klok to up to a year in jail.

In court on Monday, provincial court judge Michael Allen called it a troublesome and tragic case both for Klok and his victim.

Calling Klok’s behaviour “reprehensible,” Allen said the former teacher betrayed the victim, who saw him as a mentor and friend, deliberately grooming the teen in order to assault him.

Klok’s lawyer, who says his client no longer poses a risk to the community, suggested between 12 to 15 months of house arrest.

While he recognized Klok’s early guilty plea and low risk to reoffend, Allen said jail time was needed and sentenced him to nine months.

Klok will also be prohibited from working or volunteering in any capacity that would keep him near children.