Former premier Ed Stelmach weighed in on the auditor general’s report into Alison Redford’s expenses Sunday, saying it was unfortunate that Redford abused her power while premier.

CBC News spoke to Stelmach Sunday, who said it hasn’t been easy watching the revelations about how former premier Redford used taxpayer money.

“Unfortunately, you get one person that abuses power and as a result, we’re all tainted by this,” Stelmach said. “Especially here in Alberta, it really hurts.”

Alberta’s auditor general Merwan Saher released the report into Redford’s expenses Thursday. He found Redford and her office used taxpayer money “inappropriately” during her time as premier, with government planes used for personal and partisan purposes.

Redford announced her resignation as member of the provincial legislature the day before the report was released. She stepped down as premier five months earlier. 

“From someone that has been involved in politics for most of my adult life, this doesn’t bode well for any politician,” Stelmach said.

“Unfortunately, that’s only one person and I hope that others will learn from this and respect the taxpayers of the province of Alberta.”

Stelmach said electing a new leader will help the party move on.

“It’s so critical to elect the right leader,” he said. “It’s more than just a political party, this is a $40 billion corporation — the province of Alberta — and we need a good chief executive officer that listens to the people and represents them well.”

CBC News also spoke to Alberta legislature’s house speaker Gene Zwozdesky, who would not comment on the report specifically.

“We are all reading it and studying it and I expect there will be some follow up from various entities,” he said.