Former Edmonton Oilers coach Tom Renney spoke publicly for the first time on Wednesday about not having his contract renewed.

Oilers General Manager Steve Tambellini made the announcement last week.

Renney, who spoke to reporters at Rexall Place, said he is not angry or upset about how things transpired, but he is disappointed that the job ended when it did.

"It has been disappointing, it has been difficult. It's been all of those things because no one likes to leave a job when they think they're just getting to the good part and I'm no different," Renney said.

"But I also know what I've got because of the game of hockey, and I know what I've got because of the Oilers. I think there's huge intellectual capital in this organization that will help move it forward to the championship people are looking for."

Renney says he has already talked about coaching opportunities with other NHL clubs.