A former RCMP officer who admitted to killing his wife with his service revolver has been found not criminally responsible for his actions.  

Tirth Sehmbi was charged with second-degree murder in the July 10, 2010 shooting of Rajpinder Sehmbi in their southeast Edmonton home.

Sehmbi became convinced that his wife was having an affair and took drastic steps to find this imaginary man, including installing surveillance cameras in the house. 

A number of psychiatrists and psychologists believed that Sehmbi was suffering from mental illness at the time he killed his wife.

"It is clear this mentally ill man made his wife's life a nightmare," said Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Vital Ouellette.

The judge ordered Sehmbi returned to Alberta Hospital. A review board will decide if and when he should be released.

The court has heard that Sehmbi’s mental condition and intelligence level have declined over the past couple of years.

Doctors say he shows no motivation, only speaks when spoken to and has little or no interaction with others.



With files from the CBC's Janice Johnston