Former education minister Dave King wants to eliminate Catholic schools in Alberta. ((CBC))

Former Alberta Education Minister Dave King is calling for end to public funding for separate schools.

"We want little Catholic kids to be educated beside little Protestant kids, beside rich kids, poor kids, Indian kids, refugee kids," said Dave King, education minister during the Peter Lougheed era.

"I believe in our kids being educated together."

King has created a website and an online petition to put an end to religious schooling in Alberta.

"The second thing that concerns me is that we're conveying an advantange to one religious group that isn't available to others," he said.

"There are no Mormon separate schools, or Jewish schools or Sikh separate schools."

Education Minister Dave Hancock says people have a constitutional right to a Catholic education.

"It would require significant movement to change the constitution," he said.

"It's been done — Newfoundland did it, Quebec did it — but I don't see any political will any real public groundswell saying that they don't want to have what we've got now."