One of CBC Edmonton's best known broadcasters, Alex Moir, 84, has died.


Former CBC anchor Alex Moir was 84. (CBC)

Moir was the host of the supper-hour newscast on CBC Edmonton for 25 years.

Moir, who died Friday, was a very friendly person who was loved by everyone, said Colin MacLean, a former reporter with CBC Television in Edmonton.

Moir presented an air of authority, MacLean said.

"Behind that aura of authority... there was the feeling that he was the sort of person you'd like to know. He was able to read a good deal of intelligence in the news but it didn't make him distant," MacLean said.

MacLean recalls Moir as someone who delivered the news as something that was happening next door.

"He always did newscasts for little old ladies, and kids, and for the man on the street. He was extremely accessible," MacLean said.

Moir is survived by his wife, four children and seven grandchildren.