A popular restaurant on 124th Street has to undergo lengthy and extensive repairs after sustaining damage from a water main break last week.

Col. Mustard’s Canteen was one of a number of homes and businesses that flooded early on Feb. 15.

Owners Carla and Brad Pipella have since learned from their insurers that it will be at least three to four months before they can open again.

"We're dealing now with not just flood damage but extensive structural damage," Carla Pipella said. "Very extensive."

The water flowed for around four hours before it was shut off, Pipella said.


Co-owner Carla Pipella is upset that the extended closure has forced her and her husband to tell their staff that they will have to seek other employment. (CBC)

"All that force was pushing into the south side of the building for that length of time."

The extended closure has forced the couple to tell staff that they should seek other employment. 

"That’s very upsetting for us because our staff have been with us for a really long time and they're like family," Pipella said.

"I know they feel that way about us and about this building. They’re all in emotional shock right now."

EPCOR crews are continuing to work in the area but there’s no word on when repairs will be complete.

"The most important thing is safety, and secondly that it's done properly," said EPCOR spokesman Tim LeRiche. "So we'll take as much time as we need."

Other businesses affected by the flooding expect to reopen within a week. But Carla Pipella says it’s hard to think about the future of her restaurant.

"We're trying to just get through one day at a time," she said.