Flooded Cloverdale residents vent anger at city

Flooded Cloverdale residents vented anger and frustration at city officials in a public meeting Thursday night.

Patience wearing thin after 2nd flood in 3 years

Homeowners, city in standoff over solutions to flooding, reports CBC's Laura Osman 1:23

Flooded Cloverdale residents are angry and frustrated with the city's failure to come up with ways to prevent further flooding.

"We haven't heard anything as to any of the ongoings, any of the findings, any of the protocols, procedures from the city," said Jeremiah Townsend, president of a condo building association in the area.

Residents were hoping Thursday night to hear the city's answers to flooding in their river valley neighbourhood.

Basements were flooded in Cloverdale at the end of June during a thunderstorm, the second time in three years.

Residents said they still don't know whether their homes were filled with rain runoff or raw sewage.

"I appreciate the gesture of getting together with the residents of Cloverdale," said resident Silvia Begin. "However, we really did not get any of our important answers to our questions."

City officials say they've heard the concerns, and they're making a plan to change their procedures in case of future flooding.

"What we wanted to do was come out to the residents ... and tell them that we understand what happened, and we're listening to them," said Todd Wyman, with the city's drainage planning department.